Sidney Crosby – Another Step Closer

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Player News
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This just in! Sidney Crosby has been cleared for contact. So….now what happens?

Crosby has been down this road before, and so have the fans. Was anyone really jumping up and down for joy that the Penguins captain has been cleared? Yes, it’s wonderful that Crosby has been cleared for contact, which obviously means he is a step closer, but how long will it really be before he steps onto the ice for a game?

Let the Crosby Watch begin again. The media frenzy at every little whisper, the false claims of which date he will return.

“I’m going to give myself days, for sure, of contact.” Crosby said. ( “If you look at our schedule, we have two more practices this week.. No sooner than Sunday, I would say.”

Let the speculation begin! Will it be Sunday against the Boston Bruins or after?

The Penguins have won their last six contests and have not had much trouble producing goals. Scoring has been coming from lines other than the top one, and defensemen Zbynek Michalek and Deryk Engelland have pitched in as well.

If Crosby’s return is less than a month away, possibly less than a week away, and he is able to stay healthy this time, (He played only six games before being knocked out again Dec. 5.) the injured player to watch next would be Kris Letang, who also is suffering from concussion symptoms.

The Penguins are a force to be reckoned with, after all, they do have No.71. Now imagine a Pittsburgh team with a healthy Malkin, Staal, Crosby and Letang. Opposing teams’ defenses will have to come up with ways to stop the Penguins scoring, not something easily done with so many talented players.

Published 3-6-12 on former blog site.

Pittsburgh Penguins original story:


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