Malkin Pushes Toward 50

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Player News
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His play this season has been nothing short of remarkable, earning him consideration for the league MVP title and scoring champion. But there is one dream Evgeni Malkin would like to make come true this season, and it isn’t just winning the Stanley Cup.

The 25-year-old Malkin came close in 2007-2008 with 47 goals, but failed to reach the 50-goal mark. This season Malkin has gone on a rampage, becoming a terror for opposing goalies and defenses. But will he make it to the big 50 before time runs out?

With five games to go and three goals left before the mark, time is crunching down on the Russian superstar. Not to mention the schedule for the Penguins and their new-found defensive woes will make scoring those last three goals more difficult. The Penguins face Buffalo, who is fighting for a playoff spot; the Flyers twice, who this season have provided exciting and hard games for the team; the Bruins, who have finally began an upswing and may come out and surprise the Penguins after poor performances in the last two match ups; and then there are the division-leading New York Rangers.

The Russian’s last chance to score No. 50 will be April 7 against Philadelphia if he has not hit the mark before then. As the standings sit right now the Penguins will be seeing the Flyers more than twice in April as the two teams are poised to meet in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

“MVP,” the fans chant. “Score and save us.”


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