Penguins Fans Need Not Worry

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Game Recap
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Yes, the first game’s loss stings, but Pittsburgh can come back.

This isn’t like football, one loss and you’re done. There are still at least three more games left in this series and the Penguins came close in the first game.

The issue for the Penguins was simple, they didn’t play 60 minutes. If the game had been 20, they would have won easily. Pittsburgh can, and needs, to dominate Philadelphia Friday. If they do this, they not only get a win, but also the much-needed momentum heading into the set in Philadelphia.

The Penguins lost the game Wednesday because they failed to play a complete game, using the Flyer’s first goal as an excuse does not push under the rug the fact that they let them back in. It should have ended in regulation with a Penguins advantage in the series. Instead, now the Penguins have to fight back.

No one said Pittsburgh would win in four games, but being down 2-0 in the series against a team who kicked the fluffing out of Pittsburgh during the season, that doesn’t bode well for dreams of Lord Stanley.

A 60-minute team effort will be the Penguins key to win. But premature worrying and screaming that they’ll lose to the Flyers is not warranted. They weren’t blown out, they gave up a lead. That’s an easy fix for the talented team and the coaching staff.

When they get blown out or get down 3-0 in the series, then it’s time to panic. Pittsburgh has the talent, work ethic and ability to win this series. They just need to come out and do it.


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