Suspensions = Disappointment

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Game Preview, Player News

There are no words to express what happened on the ice Sunday against the Philadelphia Flyers.

But what’s worse is the Penguins came out of it looking like fools. The lack of self-discipline showed by the club not only embarrassed themselves, but also the fans and the city. The once-favored Stanley Cup winners are now in no-man’s land.

And as announced by the NHL late Tuesday, they will be without Arron Asham and James Neal for the crucial Game 4. Asham may not be a large loss for the team, but Neal will be. He scored half of the Penguins goals in Game 3, and his shot is needed if the Penguins can even stand a chance against the Flyers.

The Penguins may be able to deal with the loss of Neal, however, if they are able to correct the atrocious defense they have been playing. They need to come out, take the body, and get back to the hockey they used to play that made them get so many nods as Stanley Cup favorite.

Early Wednesday the Penguins recalled defensemen Simon Depres, who played 18 games for the team this season. During a time where the team had a plethora of injuries, Depres helped them push through and gave them a fighting chance for staying in contention.

Fans can only hope tonight that the losses of Asham, Neal and Adams will not be too much to overcome for Pittsburgh to have a fighting chance to stay in this series. A loss tonight means more than just elimination from the playoffs, it means embarassment for a team that had so many putting them in the Stanley Cup Final.


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