The league yet again handed down a suspension, this time drawing lots of attention for the name who won’t be playing.

After Claude Giroux threw his shoulder into Devils player Dainius Zubrus late in the game Sunday, few wondered if the young Philadelphia star would face discipline. The answer was yes. After a hearing with the department of player safety, Philadelphia’s Claude Giroux was suspended for Game 5, an elimination game for the Flyers.

His hit, featured below, was clear and deliberate. The only problem is, what is the difference between that hit and the one by Alex Ovechkin?

Ovechkin’s hit on Dan Girardi, no suspension by the league.

Now the question is, why did Giroux’s hit warrant a suspension when Ovechkin’s did not? The inconsistency of the player safety department has been under scrutiny for awhile, but in these playoffs the attention has come to a new high. Ovechkin is a league star, and his team’s series against the Rangers has the opportunity to draw more eyeballs because it is closer than the one between the Devils and Flyers.

The league needs to define a standard for suspensions, and soon. The inconsistency will soon begin to drive away fans who cannot stand the apparent favoritism over certain players. In the off season, the issue needs to be addressed so that next season the standard is clear and players will know what will happen if they make such hits.


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