This week I decided to put all our picks down Monday-Thursday into one post and then go through and write the standings in everyday. So it’ll be the same post, but with the added standings put after the picks each day. This week the loser gets to clean the bathroom.

Sunday standings — Ian: 5-4         Aly: 5-4

One of us will get the slight advantage tonight when New Jersey takes on Toronto. The slight edge could be a deciding factor this week, since most of our picks are very close.

Monday’s Picks:


Monday standings — Ian:  7-6        Aly: 8-5

I have taken a very slight lead over Ian going into tonight’s NHL action. We split four games, so the race is still very tight in this week’s picks race.

Tuesday’s Picks:


Tuesday standings — Ian: 13-11         Aly: 18-6

I really managed to pull away after last night’s games, putting myself in a good position to tighten up the season race for dinner and a back rub. Three out of four games tonight Ian and I split the picks on, so he could catch up or fall further behind.

Wednesday Picks:


Wednesday standings — Ian: 17-11          Aly: 19-9

Ian took every pick we split last night, putting himself in a position to recover after his poor choices Tuesday. With only three games split for tonight’s action, he could move ahead or fall further behind.

Thursday Picks:


Thursday standings — Ian:  17-11        Aly: 19-9


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