Well, the week has officially started and so far I stand above Ian going into the second day for the first time! I’m liking my chances of seeing him in a Penguins jersey all next week, so hopefully the picks will continue in my favor.

Standings — Ian:  1-3          Aly:  3-1

We split five of the games tonight, so I have a great opportunity to extend my lead and potentially close the gap for the season race. (I’m behind by seven games.)

NHL Monday Picks:Untitled

Monday Standings — Ian: 5-6          Aly: 8-3

Yesterday I maintained my three-game lead over Ian. But in tonight’s action the only thing that will change are the win/loss numbers. We picked the same teams to win in each of the NHL games tonight, including the Bruins and Penguins.

NHL Tuesday Picks:


Tuesday Standings — Ian:  10-10          Aly:  13-7

After a not-so-great performance by the Bruins, Ian has to wake up and realize half the week is over and he still trails by three goals, which means he’ll have to wear the Penguins jersey around for a week. He does have the opportunity to close the gap since we split two of the games. He thinks the Blackhawks will come out on top over the Ducks, but I think that Anaheim will play well enough to overcome Chicago’s power.

NHL Wednesday Picks:



Wednesday Standings — Ian:  14-11          Aly:  17-8

Another day done and I still maintain my three-game lead. Ian has a golden opportunity tonight to take the lead and put me in a Bruins jersey all next week. There are six games tonight that we split on, so either one of will take the lead or stay where we are.

NHL Thursday Picks:



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