NHL Picks – Weekday Edition

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Picks
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Another week is in full force for the picks race. The challenge this week will be who gets to clean our corner of the basement….which is going to be a day-long activity for whoever loses.

Standings — Ian:  4-3          Aly:  3-4

The race is close, and each game we split will have an impact on the end, just like last week. To recap, I lost by one game and am now cursed with wearing a Bruins jersey out every day this week. And believe me, it’s a curse.

NHL Monday Picks:


Monday Standings — Ian:  8-6          Aly:  7-7

The standings didn’t change at all. I still trail Ian by one game, but at least the score is close. I think this is the first time that the score has been this close for the first two days of the week. We only split two of the games tonight, so that doesn’t leave much room for one of us to pull ahead. Every game counts.

NHL Tuesday Picks:


Tuesday Standings — Ian:  13-10          Aly:  11-12

Well, Ian gained another game on me taking every game we split except for one. The challenge is for me to find a way to catch up. The Bruins get the Canadiens tonight after the Penguins pulled out a 1-0 win. I actually picked the Canadiens to win the game, because of the recent Bruins struggles. We split every game, so if there is a time for me to catch up, this is it.

NHL Wednesday Picks:


Wednesday Standings — Ian:  14-13       Aly:  14-13

I was able to tie the score last night by taking all but one game. Now the eyes turn toward tonight’s games and the four games we split. The Penguins continue to stack their team and last night pulled the blockbuster trade of the season, acquiring Jerome Iginla.

NHL Thursday Picks:



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