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Season Standings — Ian:  198-145          Aly:  189-154

Ian maintains his nine-game lead for the season standings. This week’s bet includes a grand prize. The loser must clean both of our lovely Subarus. Now, these cars haven’t been cleaned in awhile, so it will be quite the activity for whoever loses. I’m ready to get into the win column after tying in last week’s race.

NHL Sunday Picks:  




Another week is almost over and in the books for our picks race. Just to recap, this week’s bet is a Honey-Do pass, allowing the winner to turn it in when they get a “honey-do” note.

Thursday Standings — Ian:  22-15          Aly:  19-18

I’ve managed to close the gap a tiny bit, but I’m still trailing by three games. Three of the games being played tonight are split, allowing Ian to further his gap and take me out of the running for the honey-do pass, making tomorrow’s picks a formality.

NHL Friday Picks: 

UntitledFriday Standings — Ian:  24-19          Aly:  24-19

I managed to tie things up last night! This is the first time one of us has closed a large deficit. It all comes down to tonight.

NHL Saturday Picks:  


One day into the new week and already Ian has taken the lead.

Sunday Standings — Ian:  4-2          Aly:  2-4

Ian and I are very independent this week already, splitting six games tonight. This could be very good for one of us if all the picks are right. I trail by nine games for the season total, so I need every win this week to close the gap. And after back-to-back losses, I’m ready for a winning week.

NHL Monday Picks:

UntitledMonday Standings — Ian:  10-5          Aly:  6-9

I’m having a rough week of picks again. I continue to fall further and further behind Ian, giving him a huge advantage for the week and for the season.

NHL Tuesday Picks: 

UntitledTuesday Standings — Ian:  15-7          Aly:  10-12

I now sit five games behind Ian, one more game than yesterday.

NHL Wednesday Picks:  

UntitledWednesday Standings — Ian:  17-10          Aly:  12-15

I’m still five games behind Ian, but with four games tonight being split, I might be able to catch up a little bit. Time is running out though, and soon I’ll be handing over the Honey-Do Pass.

NHL Thursday Picks: