NHL Picks – Weekday Edition

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Picks
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One day into the new week and already Ian has taken the lead.

Sunday Standings — Ian:  4-2          Aly:  2-4

Ian and I are very independent this week already, splitting six games tonight. This could be very good for one of us if all the picks are right. I trail by nine games for the season total, so I need every win this week to close the gap. And after back-to-back losses, I’m ready for a winning week.

NHL Monday Picks:

UntitledMonday Standings — Ian:  10-5          Aly:  6-9

I’m having a rough week of picks again. I continue to fall further and further behind Ian, giving him a huge advantage for the week and for the season.

NHL Tuesday Picks: 

UntitledTuesday Standings — Ian:  15-7          Aly:  10-12

I now sit five games behind Ian, one more game than yesterday.

NHL Wednesday Picks:  

UntitledWednesday Standings — Ian:  17-10          Aly:  12-15

I’m still five games behind Ian, but with four games tonight being split, I might be able to catch up a little bit. Time is running out though, and soon I’ll be handing over the Honey-Do Pass.

NHL Thursday Picks:  



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