This week has been a race for me to catch Ian in the standings. I have finally caught up to being two games behind, but with only two days left, the chances are slim that I can catch him and make him the one who cleans the room Sunday.

Standings:  Ian: 22-15         Aly:  20-17

NHL Friday Picks:

Friday Standings — Ian:  23-17        Aly: 21-19

I’m still two games down going into the last day, as it looks, Ian will maintain his lead for this weekend and for the large prize at the end. I need to have a perfect pick day today, which never happens when there are a lot of games.

NHL Saturday Picks:



Now it’s time for another week of picks. Yesterday’s NHL action left Ian and I tied up going into today. This week features the first matchup of Boston and Pittsburgh, and no surprise we both picked our respective teams to win. This week’s loser gets to clean and vacuum the room, which is quite a task because it hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in quite awhile.

Monday NHL Picks:

Monday Standings — Ian: 7-5        Aly:  8-4

Thanks to a Kings win, I lead Ian by one game going into the Boston-Pittsburgh matchup. The games tonight are big, the halfway point in the season has been reached and the stretch for playoff spots has started.

Tuesday NHL Picks:

Tuesday Standings — Ian:  14-9        Aly:  12-11

Ian really picked up the pace after trailing by one game. He now takes the lead by two games going into tonight’s action. Since we split two of the three games, there is a chance I could come back and even the score.

Last night’s Boston-Pittsburgh game caused a bit of a rift in the house, seeing as Boston looked as if it had the win until the Penguins turned on the offense. Young goaltender Anton Khudobin was no match for Brandon Sutter and Chris Kunitz, the latter is tearing up the league in plus/minus and points. Pittsburgh and Boston are both back in action Thursday night, for matchups against Toronto and Florida, respectively. The way things are going, these two teams could meet in the playoffs at some point, making this relationship a love/hate for both Ian and myself.

Wednesday NHL Picks:

Wednesday Standings — Ian:  16-10        Aly:  12-14

Ian took both of the games we split last night, making his lead just that much bigger. Looks like I’ll be cleaning the room Sunday and Ian will get a backrub and dinner at the end of the season. We split four games tonight though, so there’s a chance that if I take all four, we’ll go into the weekend tied. I’m hoping to even the score, but the Capitals, Ducks, Jets and Predators will have to come up with wins for that to happen.

Thursday NHL Picks:

Thursday Standings — Ian: 22-15         Aly:  20-17

Last week Ian lost by two games and had to clean the bathroom. This week, he tries to redeem himself and save himself from cleaning and vacuuming the room.

The grand prize at the end of the season still stands at dinner and a back rub. The grand totals from the first three weeks:

Ian:  83-56      Aly: 78-61

I have a long way to go to catch up, but with a good week of picks, it could happen.

NHL Sunday Picks:





Last night’s NHL action brought some exciting games and surprising finishes. The Pittsburgh Penguins scored four unanswered goals to top the Flyers, and now lead the series 2-1 this season with one game left between the in-state rivals. The Washington Capitals sent the Florida Panthers players out of the arena with their tail between their legs after blanking them 7-1. Overall, it was an incredible night for hockey.

In the picks battle, I still lead Ian 27-12 to his 24-15. As it looks right now, he’ll be the one cleaning the bathroom on Sunday. After my loss last week and the day I spent walking up and down the stairs doing laundry, it’ll be nice to sit back and relax.

And now for the last two days and the picks that will decide who gets the dirty job and who moves closer to getting dinner and a back rub.

Friday’s NHL Picks:


Saturday’s NHL Picks:


This week I decided to put all our picks down Monday-Thursday into one post and then go through and write the standings in everyday. So it’ll be the same post, but with the added standings put after the picks each day. This week the loser gets to clean the bathroom.

Sunday standings — Ian: 5-4         Aly: 5-4

One of us will get the slight advantage tonight when New Jersey takes on Toronto. The slight edge could be a deciding factor this week, since most of our picks are very close.

Monday’s Picks:


Monday standings — Ian:  7-6        Aly: 8-5

I have taken a very slight lead over Ian going into tonight’s NHL action. We split four games, so the race is still very tight in this week’s picks race.

Tuesday’s Picks:


Tuesday standings — Ian: 13-11         Aly: 18-6

I really managed to pull away after last night’s games, putting myself in a good position to tighten up the season race for dinner and a back rub. Three out of four games tonight Ian and I split the picks on, so he could catch up or fall further behind.

Wednesday Picks:


Wednesday standings — Ian: 17-11          Aly: 19-9

Ian took every pick we split last night, putting himself in a position to recover after his poor choices Tuesday. With only three games split for tonight’s action, he could move ahead or fall further behind.

Thursday Picks:


Thursday standings — Ian:  17-11        Aly: 19-9

I almost tied it up this week, but Ian’s picks demolished mine 29-20 to 25-24. So today I will be doing all the laundry. For the big win at the end of the season, dinner and a back rub, Ian stands at 48-37 to my measly 41-44.

181px-Decorative_toilet_seatIan and I decided that next week’s pick battle loser will clean our tiny little bathroom. Going into the games today, we split on four of the games, which should hopefully give one of us the advantage going into Monday’s three games. Ian thinks that Detroit will end Chicago’s streak and send them home with a loss. With the Red Wings on-again off-again play, I don’t have enough confidence to back them against the high-flying Blackhawks.

This week I have to really pull away from Ian to bring myself into winning contention for the season-long race. Seven games might not seem like a lot to make up, but if the picks don’t vary much of this week, I won’t be able to make up much ground.

NHL Sunday Picks:


I continue to fall behind going into the last day because Chicago pulled another win against Columbus. Today decides it all of who does the laundry……..though at this point I’ve accepted that it will probably be me. Ian went 3-3 last night, and I was finally able to even up my score. We vary on three games, so if the teams I picked win, Ian will have to do the laundry tomorrow. This one is coming right down to the wire.

Standings:  Ian – 23-17; Aly – 20-20

NHL Picks:


Well, it’s Friday, and the second-to-last day for our competition for who doesn’t have to do the laundry. Ian still maintains his lead over me 20-17 to 18-19. I went out on a limb tonight and picked Columbus over the Chicago, who have almost made it halfway through the season without a regulation loss. I won’t be able to make up too much ground tonight, since we only vary on one of the three games being played. Looks like Saturday may be the day to decide it all.

NHL Picks:


The race is closer than ever this week with Ian leading 14-12 to my 13 all. We split 7 of the 11 games tonight, so the winner could put themselves in a position to avoid laundry for the week. And boy would it be nice to not have to be the one to wash the clothes.

Tonight the Blackhawks look to continue their win streak against the Blues, and Ian and I both agree that they will. We also agreed that Boston would take the game over Ottawa and the Florida Panthers will take one over the struggling Buffalo Sabres.

After a pitiful showing against the Panthers Tuesday, I think the Penguins will rebound against former teammate Jordan Staal and the Hurricanes, while Ian thinks they’ll have a difficult time handling the Staal brothers.

NHL Thursday Picks:


Well, after the NHL action last night, I’m still trailing Ian with 9 wins 13 losses to his 12 wins and 10 losses. Hopefully with tonight’s action I can add another win onto my record. But Ian has done something neither of us has done so far since we started, he has a positive record. This isn’t looking good for me with the overall total, but I’ll calculate that up for Sunday’s post.

Wednesday’s NHL picks: